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Security Assessment & Testing

Detailed assessment of web, mobile and network vulnerabilities with controls, validation and prioritised remediation planning.

Malware Analysis

To analyse unknown content to reveal malicious behaviour and expose critical threats to safely neutralise suspicious files and URLs.

Network Security

Protecting networks from unauthorized access and block intrusions without compromising functionality.

Cyber Forensics

Leverage our forensics services to investigate cyber frauds, data thefts and identify areas susceptible to cybercrimes.

Threat Management

Building a custom incidence response plan that will identify the attacker, scope of the incident, and contain the attack.


Bespoke technical training for individuals and for IT teams with latest tools and technologies in cyber security domain.

What to do if you get hacked today?

77% of the organizations do not have a formal cyber security incident response plan.

Do you have one?

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BULWARK CYBERX offers comprehensive and robust
cybersecurity solutions to businesses and government agencies.

To survive in the ever-evolving cyber space, organisations need to have a panoramic understanding of the existing threats as well as the ability to constantly evolve to protect themselves from any possible future attack.

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Cybersecurity is more critical now than ever before.
Take action before you become a victim.

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