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Bulwark CyberX is the new name in the growing field of Cyber Security and Digital Forensics. We deliver a full range of professional cyber security services and train organizations in ways to protect them against such threats .

With cyber security losses in India reaching over 1 million USD, organisations need to take concrete steps towards implementing policies and practices to keep their data secured from prying eyes.

We have a dedicated team of professionally trained ethical hackers and security professionals which help organisations protect their data / network from existing threats. We have extensive lab setup for the purpose where in we use latest tools which are updated regularly. Our clients include police department of several states , Indian Defence and many private organisations.

20+ Solutions

With Global Partnership with Brands such as App Scan IBM Security, Core Security, Amazon Web Services, Offensive Security . We strive to serve our client with advanced technology.


We are proud to be serving Fortune 1000 companies, Government enterprises, and Young Brands. We take pride in our long list of accomplishments that were possible with our meticulous teamwork and maximum dedication.

Promptly Delivered Design and Implementation of Security services for a leading Aviation Company that is operational at 125 airports across the globe.

Successful enforcement of penetration testing solutions and vulnerability management for a successful telecom company across various locations.

Successful operation of Securing all of the consumer and financial data for a leading Public Sector Bank in India with close to 153 operational branches with the help of Mobile Consumer Interface platform.

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