Training Corporate IT teams, Enforcement Agency Personnel and students is our profession as well as passion.

We secure corporates against any of the mentioned cyber security risks for which we have predesigned as well as customised courses. Regular training of first the IT team followed by the end users builds up an eco-system in organisations where everyone feels responsible for keeping the network secured. New threats emerge every day but an aware organisation keeps its employees updated with not only just the risks but also with solutions by having structured regular training of its members. Any prying eye – be it of a disgruntled employee or of a competitor needs to be handled diligently.

Our courses will help you build a highly competent technically sound in-house cyber security team. Bulwark may be also be equally helpful in providing quality manpower.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

A basic awareness course for IT and Non IT professionals covering the Fundamentals of Cyber Security and best practices. Latest Trends show that Hackers target employees working in non-technical domains to breach into a company’s infrastructure.

This training will educate employees about such threats and would enable them to prevent a mishap.

Modules Covered:

  • Fundamentals of Information Security
  • Malicious emails and links
  • Phishing
  • Social engineering

Cyber Security for developers

Implementing security measures at the time of building code can significantly reduce the risk of an attack and make the applications more secure.

A tech-intensive training for developers to make them aware of the prominent coding errors and help them create applications which are not penetrable by hackers.

Modules Covered:

  • Secure Continuous Delivery
  • Static Analysis in CD
  • Automated security testing and scanning in CI/CD
  • Integrating Dynamic Analysis Security Testing and fuzzing in CD

Cyber Security for Networking Professionals

Network admins and operators can play a critical role in monitoring traffic and managing access and therefore require a specific skill-set for taking security measures.

Modules Covered:

  • AAA: Administrative access
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Network segmentation
  • Limiting physical access

Incident Response Preparation

This training is for top level managers as well as technical heads and is designed to help them formulate a strategy for responding in case of a breach.

Modules Covered:

  • Incident investigation
  • Preparedness plan
  • Business continuity planning
  • Disaster recovery plan


Getting your IT team certified is a great way of validating their knowledge in the domain and keeping them up to date with latest trends and developments in the cyber security domain.

Check out our certification offerings here.

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