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A VAPT is the process of identifying, quantifying and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system.

Web Application Security Audit

It is a branch of Information Security which deals with web security, web services and web applications' security.

Mobile Application Security Audit

We specially deal with mobile based application security or unauthorized access and modification.

E-Commerce Security Audit

We specially deal on e-commerce based web and application security.

Network Security Audit

It is a way to protect your network against any possible unauthorized access and/or misuse.

Software Vulnerability

It is way to find weakness in a software or application which can be misused by an hacker.

A fantastic opportunity to hear of the cyber security challenges for various industries.

Tej Singh Rathore

Information Security Consultant
Risk equally arises from our Knowledge & from our Ignorance. I have learnt to Secure my networking.

Amar S. Verma

Information Security Consultant
My clients & technology are secured only when my Business is secured. I am an Enterpreneur .

Deepsiksha Ghai

Information Security Consultant
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