Cybersecurity is often considered a highly technical concept that requires a strong knowledge – not a skill that an average person needs to learn about. Small firms that do not have the internet as one of their major concerns are far from being attacked or affected by these. This has been one of the major drawbacks as the cybersecurity of the firm is overlooked. Everyone needs to be aware of the dangers that are prevalent online. The vulnerability of our personal information and company’s database play a key role and being cyber secure is a must. 

This era is purely based on the person or firm’s digital presence and for direct and indirect communications, the internet is the remedy. Keeping the security at par is the need of the hour. Stealing of personal information, without authorization, data breaches, financial frauds, every day we hear about multiple kinds of these attacks. These put us in a situation where we are vulnerable to further exploitation of our resources, the personal information, and other sensitive data that can be misused for various purposes.  

Most often cyber or black hackers target and seek financial gain through bank frauds, or misuse of the credit card information. These attacks can cost both individuals & firms, a lot of credit and leaking of personal information, breached security, to name a few. The damage runs deep, and these hackers use this information in the deep web where crime is primarily not detected.  

In order to secure their systems that are directly or indirectly connected to the internet or any other forms of data transfer, a network of security protocols and thorough precautions is necessary. This is needed to keep information exchange secure from all possible attacks and trespassing. Here are a few things that are important for a firm to avoid these kinds of attacks.  

  • Attackers rely on human error – Most attackers and hackers are trained in security penetration testing and skills. They can enter the systems but what helps them? Humans making mistakes and trusting every site with sensitive and confidential data.  These errors in human interaction are one of the main causes of cyberattacks.  

Those who are not in IT firms but use computer devices, also fall into these risks.  With advancing technologies, both the attacks and the countermeasures have become precise and basic knowledge of cybersecurity will help in reducing these human errors. Consulting best cybersecurity and infosec company also helps in a deep analysis of the underlying vulnerabilities in the network. 

  • 90% of the Internet is not visible – Most of the hackers and cybercriminals do not operate on the web available to us. They rely on a hidden network known as the darknet. Tor is the most popular browser for the darknet. In this, very specific web addresses along with heavily relayed locations that leave no trace or identity. These criminals find their leverages by using these services as they are completely anonymous and offer corporate databases, networks and also forms a network for illegal activities without a trace.   

If the vast web that we use doesn’t even comprise of 10% of what exists, imagine the kind of risk our systems and information is exposed to. The cost assessment of data breaches has turned out to be record-breaking. Therefore, knowledge about cybersecurity and a secure network that is fully equipped with the required tools and services is the need of the hour.  

  • Cyber Attacks lead to huge financial losses – Sensitive information, corporate databases leaked, alleged data breaches and several other cyber frauds contribute to heavy financial losses and if the damage is not controlled at early stages, the loss can be beyond repair. Due to weak security systems and less knowledge about how these intrusions can take place, as many as 70% of the attacks are undetected at first.  According to researches floating, it takes up to 6 months for large corporates and market giants in the detection of data breaches. Failure in establishing a secure network and not much awareness leads to loss of data that can cost these companies, a fortune. Constant VAPT analysis and usage of advanced security tools along with increased awareness towards these attacks can help in preventing these. 
  • Prevention is better than cure – When these attacks occur, a lot is at stake, whether it’s a small-scale business or large firms. All of them need to create measures that help in avoiding these and minimizing the effect even if some security feature lapses, in order to ensure better damage control. These tips include imparting the best security knowledge and awareness among the employees. Product & engineering development should focus on developing products with secure codes and with the best-in-class security features. A team of professionals should always be present to perform reviews and quality assurance tests such as Malware analysis for functional & security verification. This team should also be equipped with a security incident response plan, in case any problem occurs.  
  • Impart new skills & knowledge – For every individual, gaining new skills and venturing into fields is the best-worked method these days. This helps in getting a knack of all the technological advancements. Cybersecurity is one of the most advancing technologies in this era of digitalization. If an individual or a firm is concerned, they are directly or indirectly affected by the internet and its repercussions. “Educating yourself about security doesn’t just mean getting a certification or diploma. It’s adjusting your way of thinking about the world so that you can put yourself in the bad guy’s shoes and really consider how they could exploit a weakness”, says Andrew Jones, senior sales engineer at Shape Security.  Hence, the knowledge and best training in cybersecurity have become the need of the hour.  


Cybersecurity is perceived as one of those problems that only large firms like banks, tech giants, and large governments must care about. But a lot more people should be concerned with cybersecurity and not just the big corporations. The latter may be responsible for more data production and handling, but all of us are at risk. In this technological era, where we manage our communications, businesses and almost all the activities, digitally. We need to visualize with the perception of the hackers and how much one can exploit our resources.  

Stay aware and secure yourself today.