Cyber Crimes – An Alarming Reality

Cyber Crimes – An Alarming Reality

Cyber Crimes have no silver bullet solution. A layered defence is the only viable defence 

Technology in the past few decades has become an increasingly integral aspect of all the activities that take place at home or workplace. As the development in technology is progressing, the crime rates are also on the rise.

From emails to financial transactions, professional networking and collaborating on work documents, all the businesses rely on technology to be connected and to work together and keep a track of all what has been happening. This brings us to the risks of being exposed to heavy networking and all the repercussions that we may face because all our information is transferred using the same network.   

Laying out these lines of communication has made managing & collaborating at our workplaces, easier. This easy always comes with great responsibilities towards being secure. These lines are often vulnerable to attacks of unethical hackers that look out for opportunities to harm our systems. Attacks create data breaches and leave an everlasting effect that can cause a lot of money & time to return to a safe state of operations as well as reputation.  

There is no denying the fact that awareness about cybersecurity is increasing day-by-day, but so are the threats and risks and that too at a much higher rate. According to the statistics report published, there are more than 230,000 malware samples released, per day. This has resulted in an increased amount of resources being deployed to counter the attacks. Businesses or workplaces irrespective of their sizes are at a high risk of being attacked.   

If you’re connected to the network, you can become a victim of cyber-attacks. We present some of the most shocking cybersecurity facts that can help you in gaining an accurate idea of how dangerous it really is to go online without proper information and defence.


  • It takes 6 months to detect Data Breaches.   

Data Breaches are the stealing and misuse of company’s data records. These are often in the headlines because a hacker may take a day or two to clear his path from where he attacked & manipulated the path of data.  But it often takes a time-period of 6 months to detect a data breach in the system. Cybercriminals often get undetected or cannot be traced because they get a head-start of 6 months to cover their attacks.   


  • 99% of the systems on the network are vulnerable to attacks.   

Our systems are connected to a vast network. 99% of the total systems are equipped with software like Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, and Oracle Java. As per the software vulnerabilities and the implications it mentions, 99% of these systems are at risk of cyber-attack. It takes one click at malicious banner ads or infected attachments from which a hacker can gain full access to your systems.   


  • Cyber-attacks take place, every 39 seconds.   

According to research, a system present on the network is attacked at an average of 2,229 times, per day. In every 39 seconds, an attempt to hack the system were made. Common usernames & passwords, exposed vulnerabilities, and several other reasons contribute to these attacks. The frequency of these cyber crimes has increased exponentially. Absence of preventive measures in such systems has often resulted in these attacks and loss of information.  


  • 59% of the attacks on companies were an inside job.   

It was found out that employees of a company when they quit or are fired, tend to steal its corporate data and misuse it. The employee access gives them leverage over attackers as they can access a set of files and systems. This enables them to launch attacks, steal data without a trace or cause harm to the systems, as an inside job. Malicious insiders exploited insiders, and careless insiders are the types of attacks that take place using the help of the company’s inside source. Awareness and preparedness of these dangers and risks can help companies in avoiding these attacks.   


  • 70% of the businesses are not equipped to deal with Cyber-attack.    

The growing era of digitalization has created dependability on the internet. But the unpreparedness and inability in creating a plan that could deal with the dangers of existing on the network, has been the main drawback and often leads to more vulnerability. Many companies failed to classify to possess expert-level security architecture to prevent cyber-attacks. Each company requires an integrated approach that is business-centric and can provide them with all the resources in the case of an attack.   


  • 1.79 Billion records have already been leaked in 2019.    

Data breaches have always gained headlines for its high cost, loss of business and reputation for firms. But in 2019, already 1.79 billion records have been leaked that contain user info and plain text passwords for about 772 million people. They are compiled from some of the biggest data breaches that have taken place and were far from traced until the records surfaced.   


  • The global cost of cyber-crimes will touch $ 6-Trillion by 2021.   

Cyber Crimes often consume many resources of a company such as time, money, human resource, and tools that help in preventing these. When the attack strikes, failure of security architecture can result in loss of reputation, business & profit for a company. This profit is earned by the hackers & attackers. According to an estimate, the cost of cyber-crimes will reach $ 6-Trillion by the year 2021.  


Cybersecurity has been often perceived as the problem that only large firm and entities like MNC’s, Banks, corporations and governments face. Part of living in the digital era is understanding that our private information is more vulnerable than ever before. No matter how much ease of service has been provided to us, we should not forget the potential risks that it accompanies. News stories about ID theft and data breaches abound, with the effects being felt by millions of consumers. No matter the big corporations might be responsible for large data production, but the risk remains for everyone on the internet.  

Our safety depends on our interactions and such attacks can be prevented if we are aware of the threats and risks, we are exposed to. Use technology as your power & stay safe.