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Privacy Policy – Bulwark CyberX LLP

Our Privacy Statement
Privacy of individuals is given UTMOST RESPECT at Bulwark CyberX LLP.

We are a company working in the field of cyber security and cyber forensics. We secure data of our customers so that it is not misused by any one in any form. So it is all the more important for Bulwark to not misuse any data of individuals be it employees, customers , vendors or any one else working in our eco system.
Data Being Collected By Bulwark
As our activities entail providing cyber security, network security , Malware Analysis and training in these areas , we may have access to a lot of sensitive information and data of our customers .
How we use this Information
We use the above information for communication with customers about their queries and concerns.
We also collect lot of information from students and corporates attending our training programmes like their Name / DoB / Marital Status / Educational Background / Interests / Experience / Job Profiles etc.
This data is maintained very securely and is only accessible to responsible individuals of the company .
Data Security
We deploy all possible standard operating procedures both technical & administrative to keep the data secured. All our employees are bound by this code of conduct.
In case you find any of our employees working otherwise, you can write to [email protected]

Data on Websites not owned by us
Data on our website might have links to other web servers which are outside of our domain. We take NO responsibility of data getting leaked through those websites / platforms. We are not responsible for their data management and privacy policy. If you have any such misuse of data , you can email us at [email protected]
You’re permitted to view, print our download parts from our websites strictly for your personal & non-commercial use. You’re not allowed for any reason to use any part in full or part to be reproduced on any other website without our explicit written permission.

Our IP Rights:
Any and all material, content, data, information contained in our website www.bulwarkx.com is the property of Bulwark CyberX LLP. This can’t be reproduced or copied by anyone for any reason whatsoever – be it either commercial, personal or public use without written consent of the company.

Applicable Laws & Jurisdiction
Our company Bulwark CyberX LLP has its registered office at Jaipur, India For any complaints against the company please send an email to our ID [email protected]
We will try to resolve it absolutely immediately.
In case the matter is not resolvable between the company and the complainant , the same shall be referred to an arbitrator to be appointed by both the parties . If even the arbitrator is not able to resolve the issue, the same can be referred to a competent court in India . All such cases shall be subject to Jaipur Jurisdiction.