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Python is an interpreted object-oriented programming language. It is open source so that the interpreter and the source are freely available and distributable in binary form. Python has many built-in high level data structures and utilizes dynamic typing and binding making it an excellent choice for both scripting and application development .


Programming in Python can be extremely quick and productive owing to a lack of a compilation step as well as the built in debugger ( also written in Python ) . This fast edit-test-debug cycle is one of the main draws for programmers who wish to develop in Python .

This path will take you from the basics of the Python language all the way up to working with web frameworks of your choice.

For over 20 years, Python has been used successfully throughout the world as a programming language in industry, in the service sector, and also in research and science to meet a wide range of different requirements.

Increasing numbers of scientists, engineers, financial experts and others with little programming experience are using Python to solve specific complex technical problems.


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