Protecting leakage of data for any organization is the primary concern in today’s world which has rapidly increased the need for DLP solutions in the market. Data loss prevention (DLP) is typically defined as any solution or process that identifies confidential data, tracks that data as it moves through and out of the enterprise and prevents unauthorized disclosure of data by creating and enforcing disclosure policies.

A successful DLP implementation requires the right planning, resourcing, configuration, management and monitoring to help protect any data leakage. We offer :

  • Network-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions
  • Datacenter or storage-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions
  • End-point based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions


Storage Data Protection allows your organization to adopt cloud applications and storage while maintaining the visibility and control needed to support compliance.

Storage Data Protection integrates with leading cloud storage providers to scan repositories, enabling encryption, removal, or other automated remediation of sensitive data before the file is shared in the cloud. Data that is already stored in the cloud can be scanned and audited at any time.


Network DLP solution helps support compliance and reduce risks of data loss by monitoring and controlling the flow of sensitive data via the network, email or web. Our solution is very easy to deploy and even easier to use once it has been deployed.

Our network DLP appliances inspect all network traffic then enforce policies to ensure protection. Policy actions include: allow, prompt, block, encrypt, reroute, and quarantine.


Endpoint DLP solution gives you everything you need – the deepest visibility, the fine-grained control and the industry’s broadest data loss protection coverage – to stop sensitive data from getting out of your organization at the greatest point of risk – the endpoint.

We capture and records all system, user and data events on or off the network and can block suspicious insider activity or outsider attacks – malware and malware-free - before sensitive data is lost. It reduces risk of data loss at your greatest point of risk – the endpoint.

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