Businesses today have to address a vast array of regulatory compliance needs around data privacy & security, intellectual property management. With high cost of non–compliance (penalties, license cancellations, downtime etc.), enterprises are under pressure to ensure timely and robust third-party audits. They need to be aware of known and unknown vulnerabilities and their impact on IT infrastructure and business processes. VAPT is an on-demand solution which makes it convenient to run tests over the internet anywhere, anytime.

VAPT solutions not only detect threats but also offer dynamic remedial measures to mitigate the risks arising out of these threats. Bulwark CyberX helps organizations manage compliance requirements like PCI, SOX, ISO27001 etc


The threats coming from the web applications are increasing every day. Hence, the ways to test them are also evolving continuously.

With thorough planning and time investment, our pen-testing team examines the end points of each web app that your organization uses on a daily basis. We perform intense and detailed test in areas like:

  • Web applications
  • Browsers
  • Components like ActiveX, Applets, Plug-ins, Scriptlets

And everything that falls in the scope of this type of pen testing.


Discover the vulnerabilities and gaps in the network infrastructure of your organization. Since your network could have both internal and external access points, we conduct tests locally at the client site as well remotely.
Our team of highly skilled pen-testers targets the following network areas:

  • Firewall configuration testing
  • Stateful analysis testing
  • Firewall bypass testing
  • IPS deception
  • DNS level attacks
  • SSH client/server tests


This test intends to analyze the wireless devices deployed on your network and usually such tests takes place at customer end. Our team connects our especially designed testing hardware to your wireless system and runs tests to expose any vulnerabilities. A wireless network penetration test covers the following:

  • Access points for Wireless setup
  • Protocols used for configuring Wireless
  • Devices including Laptops, tablets, smart phones,etc.


With the advancement in technology, mobile devices have become the most prominent medium of communication. As a result, creating a whole new set of attacks that were not relevant before. To secure your mobile devices, we perform penetration testing and code review for all platforms of mobile applications using the most advanced technologies to test and analyze the security stature of the application. We simulate a real-world scenario of different attacks to penetrate the mobile device and find the vulnerabilities.

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